Building Good Habits And Curbing Bad Behaviour In Kids | Tayyari Jeet Ki By Bournvita
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Mental Health|12 November 2021

Building good habits and curbing bad behaviour in kids

Guests Astha Ahluwalia a Child Psychologist and Payal Narang an Educationist and host Namrata Sadhvani

Parents always try to make sure that they inculcate good behaviour in their kids, but there might be various reasons kids behave in a certain way. For example, Sometimes children misbehave only because they are getting bored.
To discuss how can we build good habits and curb bad behaviour in kids, we have Astha Ahluwalia, a Psychologist, and Payal Narang, an Educationist, tune in to get all your queries answered.

The views expressed are that of the expert alone.

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