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Mental Health

Wondering how to support your children’s mental and emotional well-being? We have some useful tips and advice for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help my child cope with the anxiety of going back to school?

Help your child return to a routine. Pay attention to their behaviour and look out for symptoms of anxiety. You can contact a healthcare professional if required. Be a friend to your child – talk to them, and listen to their concerns. Read More

Could you give us some tips to help kids cope with back to school anxiety?

Find ways to stay connected with them through their school day, perhaps by putting encouraging notes in their backpack. Identify and address their fears beforehand. Remind them to focus on the positives of returning to school, such as being with friends or playing sports. Read More

How can I help my child reduce their dependence on technology?

Exercise reasonable restrictions instead of forcefully taking away their gadgets. Set ground rules for technology usage. You must explain the problem to them and help them understand why their technology habits are a cause for concern. Read More

What are some indications that my child has back-to-school anxiety?

Changes in routine, the need for constant reassurance, mood swings, frequent body pain and repeated avoidance of school-related activities are some signs of back to school anxiety. You should lookout for these signs and help your children cope with them. Read More

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