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Physical Health Infographics

Your little one carries the torch for a bright tomorrow and you are a crucial part in helping them develop strength for that journey. Here’s how you can do that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please give me some tips to improve my kid’s physical health!

Practise yoga and breathing exercises to boost immunity. Maintain a fixed routine. Follow a healthy diet and teach your children about proper nutrition. Teach them positive hygiene practices including proper hand washing, hand sanitiser usage, and masking in public places. Read More

Are there any specific ways to steer your child away from a sedentary lifestyle?

You should act as a role model for your child by maintaining your physical health through increased physical activity, following a healthy diet or limiting your screen time. Engage them in outdoor sports or other fun forms of exercise such as Zumba and aerobics. Read More

How can I help reduce my child’s dependence on technology?

Start by exploring your child’s online activities, and the kind of exposure it gives them. Address your concerns with them, set reasonable technology usage rules, and remember to lead by example. Consult the school counsellor or a doctor if you notice signs of technology addiction. Read More

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