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Mental Health|12 September 2021

Mental health issues in India

More than 14% of the Indian population has been diagnosed with mental health disorders since 2017.

That’s roughly 182 million people who struggle with mental health issues.

There is only 1 psychiatrist per 100,000 citizens in India, so many remain undiagnosed.

From 2013-2020, 1.03 trillion USD was lost in economic productivity in India due to mental health conditions.

Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death amongst 15 to 19 years olds.

“The accumulation of experiences a child receives shapes the outcomes and choices they will make as adults.” –

Dr. Raghu Appasani, Psychiatrist and

Founder/CEO of MINDS Foundation

Common reasons why Indians struggle with access to mental healthcare:

Shame and fear

Stigma and discrimination


Financial means

Lack of awareness

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