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Calcium-Rich Foods: Top Choices For Strengthening Kids' Bones

Written by Smriti Dey
Published: May 21, 2024

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Calcium has long been associated with stronger bones and teeth. Bones and teeth need to be sustained because they give our bodies and gums hardness and structure. Calcium is an alkaline mineral.

Kids require lots of calcium growing up because bone structure and teeth are still developing. Calcium deficiency can cause rickets and chronic diseases in the future, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and many others. Less calcium deposits in the body can also make joints more brittle and less flexible for any workout or physical activity.

Parents should always be concerned about calcium deposits in the body. Children are still growing, and deformities and irregular fractures can weaken them. Also, if abandoned calcium is present in the bones, the bones heal quickly from any fracture or internal injuries‌ and tears. There is a particular food that comes top in calcium-rich elements. Look at these top foods. Keep reading!

Top Choices for Strengthening Kids' Bones
1. Milk

Milk is directly related to calcium because of its higher protein and Vitamin D content. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. It is good to drink milk daily because it has a lot of vitamin D deposits and largely helps the bones and teeth in children to grow stronger. Milk can be served to kids in plenty of ways. Chocolate milk, strawberry milk, or milk with any other flavor can be served to them according to their choice to make the drink more exciting and habitual. One can also try various delicacies made from milk very easily. Milk is a very versatile and cookable element with lots of nutrients.

2. Cheese

As you know earlier, cheese also contributes to calcium deposits in the body. Cheese is also a dairy product made with the help of milk; hence, it is natural that it has various calcium deposits that your kid's body can consume. There are multiple kinds of cheese, such as blue, American, goat, and many others. If your kid doesn't like drinking plain milk, this is another delicious option that can be a healthy form of calcium intake.

3. Yogurt

Speaking of milk products, yogurt is not only popular among kids because of its refreshing taste and various flavor options; adults love it, too. Yogurt is also made by fermenting milk. It has lots of calcium deposits that the young one's body will absorb as a nutrient. Yogurt can be used in different salads and seasonal dressings while cooking to make the delicacy more delicious and mouth-watering. It has a cool taste and is the perfect refreshment for summer. This can also be a good after-school snack. Yogurt can be made with a good dip, such as raita or Greek cilantro dip.

4. Tofu

Kids who are lactose intolerant can also get lots of protein and calcium from tofu, which is now easily available in the Indian market. Tofu is made from soybean milk and is a great source of vitamin D, which helps the body with calcium intake. Tofu can be made into endless delicacies because the food doesn't have a taste of its own, making it very versatile and a good pickling base. Tofu can be added to soup or salads. Tofu can also be eaten raw in Japanese cuisine because of its jelly-like taste.

5. Soybeans

Soybeans are one of those high in calcium lentils. Soybean milk is also one of the by-products of soya and can be used as a good food for calcium intake. One can make soy chunks curry or even porridge out of soya beans to serve their kids. It is a perfect light-flavored dish that can be served to those who don't like spicy or sweet dishes. Soy chunks can be added in various recipes, like Indian curries, Chinese snacks and more for your kid’s diet.


Sardines, a fish whose varieties are easily available in India, are also a good source of calcium because they have lots of vitamin D. They are very smelly but delicious fish that can be made into soup with a tomato-based stew. If your kids like to try out new things, you should make them sardines sometimes instead of tuna or salmon, serving them the calcium intake they need to grow strong. This type of fish can also be preserved with lots of salt, dried in the sun, and then baked, making it a delicious crunchy snack. The fish has lots of umami flavor, which can be a new experience for your younger ones.


Now that you know how important calcium is among the top foods to feed your kid for stronger bones and teeth, make sure that there are enough supplements throughout the balanced meal. Every vitamin and mineral are important, especially calcium when talking about bones and teeth. Growing up eating a balanced diet is crucial for the child and their future well-being.

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