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Cadbury Bournvita launched in 1948, is a 75 years old legacy brand of India

With the promise of mental and physical strength ‘Tann ki Shakti, Mann ki Shakti’ and a distinct taste that kids love, the brand is trusted and loved by mothers of India.

The brand has always partnered mothers to bring out the best in their children. Over the years, where the brand was rooted in progressive philosophy, mother-child relationship and built winners.

Our Product

The outside world is not going to be ideal for children anytime soon. But adequate nutrition and physical activity is essential for their growth. Nutrients from two daily glasses of Bournvita + Milk will help give your child strong bones, muscles, active brain and maintain immunity.


Brand Philosophy

We believe that champions are built, not born. The sweat and blood and preparation put in by the child everyday brings forth the best self of him/her. It is our approach to preparation that inspires parents to encourage kids to give their best which leads to great achievement in life.

We believe in partnering parents in building physical & mental strength of kids by investing efforts, through grit and determination. The world is focused on results, while we believe in putting your best foot forward, not thinking of results.

We believe that success is beyond the conventional norms set by the society to judge a child’s ability. We pursue inspiring parents to build a progressive approach to parenting. Parents need to build, prepare, and encourage kids to be strong from within and carve their unique path to success.

Bringing alive our purpose

We redefined the codes of category, culture and parenting and created a distinct role in the consumers’ life by being the ‘Preparation Partner’ through the platform ‘Tayyari Jeet Ki’ (Prepare to Win).

We took a counter-culture stance of focusing on learning instead of grades and reframing preparation in the context of exams. #LookBeyondMarks was our social commentary stemming from the brand philosophy of progressive parenting. Where a child’s ability cannot be defined basis, the marks scored in exams.

Child mental health challenges have been growing exponentially since the pandemic. For a brand, as close to parent-child bond as ours, we wanted to take the first step towards raising awareness amongst parents about this.

“Through the Tayyari Jeet Ki platform, Bournvita partners with parents and caregivers to prepare their children with a strong foundation both physically and mentally. The brand inspires parents to bring out the best in their children.”

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