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Cadbury Bournvita is a fortified health drink and a trusted brand amongst Indian moms

With the promise of ‘Tann Ki Shakti, Mann Ki Shakti’ (mental and physical health), a distinct taste that kids love and trust established over years, Bournvita has become one of the preferred brands for Indian mothers.

The brand has always partnered with mothers to bring out the best in their children. It has been rooted in progressive philosophy, promoting evolving mother-child relationships and helping the children win at life!

Our Product

We need to prepare our children to face the challenges and hardships of the world. Adequate nutrition and physical activity are necessary prerequisites to growth. Nutrients from two glasses of Bournvita in milk everyday enforces a habit that helps children build strong bones and muscles, an active brain and a strengthened immunity.

Brand Philosophy

Champions are built not born. It is our approach to parenting that helps parents prepare their kids to realise their true potential despite the constant pressure that they will face.

Our aim is to help parents prepare their children to overcome the challenges that they will encounter in their path to success by building their physical and mental strength and inculcating the values of perseverance, resilience and endurance. We’re here to help you put your best foot forward!

Success goes beyond the conventional norms of the society and parents are moving towards progressive styles of parenting where they focus on their children’s ability. We are evolving with them, constantly updating our knowledge banks with new outlooks, methods, hacks, innovative learnings and so on. We aim to inspire progressive thinking and partner moms to help build, prepare, and encourage kids to be strong from within and pursue their own path to success

We partner with parents to prepare their kids to realise their true potential.

Bringing alive our purpose

Evolving with a constantly changing world, we have redefined the codes of category, culture and parenting and created a distinct role in the consumers’ life by being the ‘Preparation Partner’ through the platform ‘Tayyari Jeet Ki’ (Prepare to Win).

“Through the Tayyari Jeet Ki platform, Bournvita partners with parents and caregivers to prepare their children with a strong foundation both physically and mentally. The brand inspires parents to bring out the best in their children.”

Cadbury Bournvita Logo

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