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Failure Lessons|13 August 2022

Hima Das – a sprinter’s perspective on outrunning failure

Written by Tayyari Jeet Ki

“Playing for India has been my greatest honour.  And only the most privileged get to be where I am. Once you reach here, there are so many expectations and hopes that people have from you. They look up to you. You become their idol. And as a runner, my only goal is to keep running. Keep winning. Run for the country. Run for myself. I have struggled a lot. But then isn’t that a part of every athlete’s story?

I have also seen my share of successes. And I have tasted failure too. It hurts. It feels like you have let down your country, your people. But then again, this failure keeps me going. It makes me want to run more, run faster. It’s the only reason I wake up every morning. And as an athlete we need embrace failure if we want to win. 

Hima Das aka Dhing Express is the Indian sprinter from Assam. She’s the first Indian athlete to win a Gold medal in a track event at the IAFF World U20 Championships. We salute Hima and the spirit of all Indian athletes who gave their best. Thank you for inspiring us to take both failure and victory in equal strides. We know this only makes you stronger.

The views expressed are that of the expert alone.

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