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Mental Health|12 September 2021

Identifying a child with mental health issues

It can be difficult to recognise the symptoms of mental illness in children. Parents often assume that their child’s behavioural changes have been caused by mood swings, temper tantrums or hormones. We’ve realised that childhood is when most lifelong mental health issues surface and must thus offer support.

Symptoms to look out for:



Changes in weight or eating habits

Talking about death or suicide

Drastic changes in mood, behaviour, or personality


Tiredness & fatigue

Problems making decisions

Feelings of guilt

Difficulty sleeping

Self-harm or injury

Feeling anxious, isolated or hopeless

Frequent headaches or stomach aches

Refusing to go to school

These symptoms can also be caused by other situational factors and are not a definite indicator that your child is struggling with mental health issues.

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