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Education|02 June 2022

Improve your child’s nutrition and immunity for a return to school

It is vital for children to eat the right food in the correct quantity as it helps them grow, physically and mentally, and develop a strong immunity. Here are some tips to improve your child’s health through immunity and nutrition.

Avoid junk foods

Stay clear of fried foods, dairy-rich and fatty foods such as mayonnaise, cheese and palm oil. Avoid heavily processed items with high preservatives and sugar content.

Sufficient water intake

8 glasses of water a day is key to avoiding health issues. Make it a fun game by rewarding your child for consuming the
daily intake.

Monitor their eating habits

Stress can affect your child’s eating habits causing them to eat more, less or even consume more junk food. Address this by monitoring their eating habits.

Dietary supplements

If your child is vegetarian, vegan or has dietary restrictions consult a doctor about supplements that help to ensure their growth

Healthy foods

Children should consume nutritional foods such as green leafy vegetables, lentils, fibre and iron-rich food. An easy way to do this is by switching from white to whole-grain bread.

Drink Bournvita

Bournvita contains essential nutrients that help children grow. Regular consumption will enhance health and immunity.

Family breakfast

Having family breakfasts will teach your child the importance of their day’s first meal, and give them enough energy to perform well through the day in school.

Be a role model

Your children will emulate your habits, ensure you practise the above and explain the importance of a nutritious diet.

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