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Tips to get your child physically ready for a return to school

Written by Pragya Lodha
Published: Sep 10

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Physical health is essential, especially for children. Learning good habits early in life keeps them physically, and mentally healthy. It also helps them manage their academic performance.

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Yoga And Breathing Exercises

Practise yoga and breathing exercises. These act as immunity boosters and make for good bonding exercises between you and your child


Fixed Routine

Provide your child with the structure to flourish by establishing a fixed morning routine, bedtime, meal plan and weekly activities.


Nutritious Diet

Provide your child with a nutritious diet of citrus fruits, water, vegetables and food rich in Vitamin D and zinc. Eat regularly, healthily, and adequately, and educate them about a good diet.


Community Communication

Get guidance from your child’s school. Stay connected to community and parent groups for support in homeschooling during COVID.


Good Hygiene

Teach them good hygiene practices to stay safe and healthy – proper handwashing, using hand sanitiser, masking and avoiding social gatherings.


Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is crucial for immunity and physical health. Children should turn off devices, dim the lights, avoid snacking, and do breathing exercises or read to prepare for bedtime.


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