How to help your child mentally cope with a return to school

Written by Pragya Lodha
Published: Mar 10

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Physical health is essential, especially for children. Learning good habits early in life keeps them physically, and mentally healthy. It also helps them manage their academic performance.

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UnderstandTheir Feelings

Children also feel anxious, restlessand nervous. Validate their feelings and share yours as well. Understand thereason behind their emotions so you can address them directly.


Pros Of ReturningTo School

Remind your child about the fun ofgoing to school. Share how you’ve enjoyed time with your friends engaging in physical activities. Assure them that school is a place of fun, learning and making new friends.


Be Honest About The Current Situation

Explain in an age-appropriate manner that they are keeping themselves and others healthy by following the schools’ safety measures.


Demonstrate Healthy Coping Mechanisms

A safe home environment allows the child to develop healthy coping mechanisms when dealing with school. Show them how this can be done through journaling, talking to someone and leisure activities.


Beware Of Burnout

Due to the lack of educational support during the pandemic, children may feel pressured by the transition. Do not pressure them further, and let them know that their grades do not define them.


Balance Education And Rest

Help them adjust to the new normal by setting a routine for them to balance rest and education time


Talk To Your Child

Your child should be comfortable talking to you without fearing an adverse reaction. Start conversations surrounding mental health issues early so you can address these issues immediately in the future.


Observe Mood Changes

Verbal and physical cues are a good indicator of their feelings. If your child is sad, angry or in an unusual mood for an extended period this could imply that some thing is wrong.


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