Lack Of Concentration And Fear Of Failing In Children | Tayyari Jeet Ki By Bournvita
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Mental Health|12 September 2021

Lack of concentration and fear of failing

Children often feel pressure to succeed in school. For some, issues with peers or family can affect their school experience. For others, underlying disorders such as ADHD or anxiety can make school a difficult experience if not addressed.

Decline in performance

Poor grades even with hard work

Refusal to attend school or complete homework

Skipping school or class without your knowledge

Extreme nervousness before school

Lack of interest in extracurricular activities

Children are expected to have behavioural and mood changes.
However, if symptoms persist for an extended period, you should speak to your child and offer support. You may also seek help from a professional or trusted community member. Even your family doctor would be able to refer you to a psychologist or mental health professional.

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