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Mental Health|12 September 2021

Lethargy & lack of interest

Childhood is pivotal in establishing the baseline of an individual’s mental health. While we often assume that these issues present as exaggerated emotions (deep sadness etc.).
It’s also common for mental health issues to present as lack of emotion, low energy and reduced interest in everyday life. Here are some symptoms to look out for.

Feeling tired all
the time

Lack of interest in
prior hobbies

Lack of emotion or feeling indifferent

Difficulty in completing
everyday tasks

Trouble meeting goals
or deadlines

Decreased social involvement

Children are expected to have behavioural and mood changes. However, if symptoms persist for an extended period, you should speak to your child and offer support. You may also seek help from a professional or trusted community member. Even your family doctor would be able to refer you to a psychologist or mental health professional.

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