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Creating Bone-Strengthening Meals For Kids: Balanced And Nutritious Recipes

Written by Smriti Dey
Published: May 21, 2024

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Creating a balanced meal is always a tough task for parents because they always fear that they might leave something or overfeed their kids. A balanced meal should compensate for stronger bones and energy with endurance and proper nerve function. One of the major requirements for kids is to have stronger bones and a good body structure. For this, parents must choose more calcium and Vitamin D-dense foods.

Handing over a glass of milk to your kid every time you look for a balanced meal will not work because the kid will soon get bored if they don't like milk enough. Different kinds of dairy products can be regularly included in your child's diet to contribute to the strengthening of bones. Below are some clever and better meal-planning options and recipes for you to look out for.

Balanced and Nutritious Recipes For Bone Strengthening
  1. Make Your Tofu Plate

This dish is very easy to prepare, especially since tofu is now easily available in the Indian market and perfect for kids with lactose intolerance. As a parent, you will simply serve different kinds of sauces and stir-fried tofu with a little bit of salt, and your kid will decide what they want to have and with which sauce they would like, creating a dense meal. One as a parent, one should look out for calorie intake and prepare the sauces with healthy options such as tomatoes or pesto sauce. For extra heat, you can add different kinds of assortments, such as peanuts, bacon bits, and chili flakes.

  1. Milkshakes

If your kid doesn't want to drink plain milk daily, you must keep them entertained. For this, you can blend ripe fruits into the milk without adding any sweetener to give milk an elevated makeover. Blending the milk with the fruit for a long time can also help you make a smoothie. As a garnish, you can also add whipped cream. This kind of milkshake can be made very easily. You can blend avocado, mango, or strawberry into the milk for the desired milkshake, giving your kids a good beverage every morning.

  1. Paneer Tikka

Paneer is one of the kids' favorite ingredients for lunch or dinner because they enjoy it very much. But making paneer healthy is also a challenge because of the heavy spices and the constant use of butter to make the gravy tasty. On the other hand, Paneer Tikka is one of the most lightweight dishes with roasted cottage cheese, which is good for a balanced diet. Two pieces of paneer tikka can be a great option for your child's balanced meal with their favorite vegetables roasted alongside. The tikka masala can be prepared without or with oil.

  1. Cheese Charcuterie Board

If you want to make your kids a balanced diet every now and then with a fun activity added to it, then make sure to add this cheese charcuterie board to your list. Not only is cheese very healthy when consumed in moderate amounts, your child can also explore various kinds of cheese in one go with different kinds of fruits and vegetables paired on the board. You can also add one of the fun elements by adding cheese fondue to it, making it a delicious and very good snack option.

  1. Broccoli Chips

If you don't want your kids to have oily potato chips, which are manufactured largely in different kinds of factories and covered in sodium, you can always make chips out of different vegetables, such as broccoli. Roasting the broccoli, which are thinly cut, can be a great idea for snacking with a tasty dip. It is a good option that can be given as a side for any meal, too. Roasted broccoli or broccoli chips can also be served as the crunchy toppings above the soup for a balanced dinner. One can go for Greek yogurt-based dip or green chutney for a healthier take on it.

  1. Fruit Bowl

A typical fruit dish doesn't have to be basic. You can always introduce tropical and exotic fruits to your kid, which will help them get their daily dose of vitamins and minerals, strengthening their bones. You can try various salad dressings and maple syrups to make the dish more interesting. Always make a rule to serve some sort of fruit on the side with dinner and lunch to get the full impact of a balanced diet.


Not every healthy food needs to be boring and green, but with proper meal planning and recipes, you can elevate anything into a tasty dish your kid will never forget. Broccoli chips might sound weird, but they are one of the tastiest healthy chips your kids will love. On the other hand, making them do little activities while eating their food can also make the food ten times tastier, such as fondue and making your plate. There are endless options when looking for different balanced and nutritious recipes. Keep exploring!

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