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Homemade Vitamin D-Rich Fruit Purees: Perfect For Babies And Toddlers

Written by Smriti Dey
Published: May 23, 2024

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Parenting can take a toll and can be very confusing for new parents for many reasons. Due to today's artificial world, one cannot wholly rely on different types of baby foods and formulas for healthy feeding. Fruits and green vegetables are essential for a child's growth in the early stages. This is where vegetable and fruit purees come in.

The parents are satisfied with the various nutrients without thinking about artificial flavoring and other ingredients. The children get a flavorful snack, or a meal completely based on minerals and nutrients. Vitamin D is also one of the major elements that a child should regularly take to develop strong bones and build immunity.

If you are thinking of giving your toddlers and babies a rich homemade vitamin D fruit puree, then consider the options below.

Six Flavorful Homemade Vitamin D-Rich Fruit Purees
1. Apple

Apples are a child's best friend because of their hydrating properties and overall constituents of vitamins and minerals. Apples can be made into different kinds of purees by mixing them with another fruit, creating new flavors, and packing them with nutrients like never before.

Apple can be a good base of sweetness to give your puree a new flavor. To make a good puree for toddlers, one can either boil or cut the apples into slices and mash them raw. For slightly older babies and toddlers, you can also add a little bit of honey and cinnamon to it as a taste booster.

2. Papaya

Most of the fruits and vegetables contain macronutrients, including vitamin D. The constituents of vitamin D are lesser in some fruits, while others have plenty. They always have vitamin D in them for your kid's regular growth and maximum development of bones.

Papaya is another fruit rich in vitamin D, and one can get it in either a ripe or raw version. Raw papaya can be salted before feeding it to toddlers to make it more flavourful, while ripe papaya is full of fructose; it is sweet and earthy. Papaya is also known to be very healthy for babies, giving them the ultimate dose of fiber they need.

3. Banana

Bananas should be the first fruit you introduce your baby to because of their sweetness and mushy texture. It is very easy to make a puree, and you can also be assured that they are straightforward to digest, even with the fibers and lots of vitamin D and other minerals.

For older toddlers, you can also make a banana smoothie or a milkshake, pouring a little bit of milk with the banana puree to add more boost to vitamin D through milk and a little bit of honey. Bananas can also be pureed with oats and other toddler breakfasts to give them energy.

Another good thing about bananas is that they are not choking hazards, like grapes and other fruits. So, if you are a toddler and want bananas as full fruit, you can give them to them without blending them.

4. Pears

Pears have a unique and sweet taste, which your toddlers and kids will love. It has a crunchy texture even when pureed, giving your little ones a new taste to explore. Pear fruit can come in different varieties that one can choose for the child.

According to the availability, pears are extremely hydrating and have high sugar content, with lots of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D, for your child to devour.

It can be made into a puree either by boiling or smashing and blending raw into a fine paste. For older toddlers, milk can also be added to make a smooth puree with lots of avocado.

5. Guava

Guava has a very creamy texture that older babies will love to explore. However, you should always remember that it has little seeds in it that can be irritating to the taste. Hence, it is best to blend it with a little bit of milk so that every seed is pureed, too.

You can also ensure the guava is seedless when you buy it or simply remove every seat by scraping the surface. Guava can also be boiled for a more mushy and creamy taste. When you serve guava puree to your baby, it is full of nutrients and has plenty of vitamin D (3) for your child.

6. Kiwi

Kiwi is another magical fruit that is full of Vitamin D and has many hydrating properties. If your toddler likes something less sweet, then kiwi is the fruit to go for. One can simply scoop out the kiwi from its peel and blend it lightly to make a smooth puree in no time.

Kiwi can be a different experience for your kids because it is a tropical fruit. It is good to familiarize your child with various kinds of fruit, including other minerals and nutrients, so they can build up their immunity faster.

Now you know what options you have if you want to feed your babies and toddlers fruit to enhance their health and taste buds. You can also mix and match these fruits according to the taste of your toddler to ensure they get the best flavor from the snack.

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