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Failure Lessons|13 August 2022

Ashish Kumar – a boxer’s perspective on not letting failure knock you down 

Written by Tayyari Jeet Ki

“Playing for India on such a great platform has been every Indian sports person’s dream. And to reach here it isn’t easy. The training, the will to keep going. You just must be crazy and passionate enough to really want to do it. Why did I choose boxing? Because every time I fall or get knocked out, I want to get up and fight back.

Losing on a big platform can be emotional and sometimes, it brings your confidence down. But we need to realize that if we can come so far, we can go further. It’s never over till we say it’s over. And failure is nothing to fear, it’s something we need to learn from.

Ashish Kumar is an Indian boxer who competes in the middleweight category. He has won a silver medal at the 2019 Asian Championship and a gold at 2019 Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament. We salute Ashish and the spirit of all Indian athletes who gave their best. Thank you for inspiring us to take both failure and victory in equal strides. We know this only makes you stronger.

The views expressed are that of the expert alone.

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