Flavor-packed Vitamin D Dishes for Summer Season

Written by Smriti Dey
Published: May 22, 2024

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Summer is finally here! Summer offers various fresh products in terms of vegetables and fruits to include in the diet.

Vitamin D is an essential macronutrient that one should regularly consume for great bone density and strength. Vitamin D helps your body regulate calcium and phosphorus, which is extremely important for bone development.

Even in old age, bone density and development occur and maintain the body's structure. A good amount of calcium in older age can be a great way to avoid chronic pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, and more.

Various foods contain various kinds of macronutrients in different proportions. Still, there are some particular foods or superfoods in terms of fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy that are dense in Vitamin D to look out for.

So, if you want to reduce your chances of catching one of the vitamin D deficiency diseases or any kind of chronic pain, you should try vitamin D foods that are filled with flavor and fun to eat, as given in the list below. Keep reading!

Summer Special Vitamin D Dense Foods To Try
1. Fruit Salad

Fruits can be very refreshing for the summer, and a good fruit salad can be a great option for breakfast and lunch. Different kinds of fruit have lots of fiber, fructose, hydrating elements, and vitamin D, along with all the other minerals.

Some fruits, such as avocados, oranges, and lemons, are more vitamin D-dense than others. If you are thinking of making a good fruit salad, combine citrusy and sweet fruits to get the best taste with some spoons of honey and cinnamon.

You can also add different kinds of cheese to give your salad a salty texture. No matter how you eat salad, the different types of fruit in your mix will help you boost your vitamin D.

2. Fish Rice

Several fishes have lots of vitamin D, so much so that it can completely cover up a day's vitamin D consumption in one serving. Fish can be eaten differently, like grilling, in soup, garnishes, or raw. Many people don't like it as it has a fishy and umami taste, but if you have your hands at a fresh stock, feel free to add more garlic and marinate it for a good five minutes before adding it to your rice with a raw yolk. This dish will not only open your taste buds to new flavors and raw textures, but you will also explore Japanese cuisine with the dish.

3. Green Salad

If you don't like fruit and much sweetness in your salad, then make sure you make this green salad. This green salad sure comes with lots of vitamin D-dense vegetables and greens such as spinach, kale, and other components that will pack your brunch with lots of Vitamin D. For a little bit of sweetness and creamy texture, you can add avocado to it, which is also great for Vitamin D. A little bit of lime dressing and a little bit of salt and pepper can make your salad taste great and flavorful. This is perfect for summer.

4. Eggs

Did you know eggs also contain Vitamin D in them, especially the yolk? Egg yolk is rich in vitamin D and can help you with your vitamin D consumption. Egg yolks can be used in different recipes as a main ingredient, or they can be eaten raw. One should always make sure that when they eat raw eggs, they are from a certified buyer to get the best nutrients from them.

Egg yolks can also be mixed in protein shakes for maximum nutrient and protein intake. One can also mix them in salads to make them taste more tangy and meaty. Many pasta recipes use raw yolks as one of the main garnishes to make it more cheesy and homely.

5. Mushrooms

Morel is a type of wild mushroom that is full of Vitamin D and extremely tasty and delightful. These mushrooms can be found in the forest while mushroom hunting or can be grown organically in your garden to get the most out of them. These grow in spring, making it a perfect summer plant-based Vitamin D fungus to enjoy. Mushrooms can be made into a cold soup with a hearty broth to enjoy the summer with a side of noodles and spring rolls.

6. Milkshakes

Milk is mainly known for its calcium and vitamin D content. Why not turn them into refreshing milkshakes in summer, which are flavorful and delightful? Strawberry milkshakes, avocado milkshakes, and spinach milkshakes can be made very quickly with a little bit of honey, the fruits or the vegetables you want, and milk with cream. You can also add dried fruits as a topping to enhance the flavor and make your vitamin D consumption enjoyable and refreshing.

These were some of the best flavorful and summer foods from which you can consume vitamin D nutrients. Try experimenting with these essential dishes to get something according to your taste, or stick to the basics for a more hearty texture. Keep exploring.

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