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Top Indian Dishes To Make With Vitamin D Vegetables For Kids

Written by Kaushiki Gangully
Published: May 22, 2024

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Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for humans, especially young kids. Since Vitamin D is responsible for retention of calcium and phosphorus in the body, it is a major promoter of bone health, improves immune system, and is linked to enhancing mood and lessening the risk of depression. Vitamin D is an important contributor to improved musculoskeletal health. As Vitamin D is an indispensable part of a kid’s diet, it is important they get the necessary amount every day in their daily food.

Since proteins, dairy products, and sunlight are a great source of Vitamin D, earlier, children had no issues getting their daily dose. But since school and tuitions pressure has taken away the daily joy of playing in a field under the open sun, and dairy-free food options everywhere, most children are not getting enough Vitamin D.

A great way of getting kids their Vitamin D is by making scrumptious Indian dishes with vegetables rich in the vitamin. Check out these top Indian dishes to make with Vitamin D-rich vegetables for kids.

Indian Dishes To Make With Vitamin D Vegetables
1. Mushroom Tikka Roll

Mushrooms have a unique feature. Like humans, when they are exposed to sunlight and UV rays, their Vitamin D levels increase. Since mushrooms contain a high level of Vitamin D, along with the benevolent likes of selenium, B vitamins, and more than 23 gms protein for every 100 gms of mushroom, dry weight. Thanks to all these health benefits, mushrooms are an excellent vegetarian source of Vitamin D. Grill your mushrooms in the oven or the tandoor, after marinating it with your favorite Indian spices, to get a succulent mushroom tikka which pairs very well inside a flaky laccha paratha, with some red onions, yogurt, sauces, lemon juice, and other fillings of your kid’s choice, for a delicious and filling dish which is surprisingly rich in Vitamin D.

2. Palak Paneer

While spinach itself does not have Vitamin D, it possesses high amounts of calcium which Vitamin D needs to utilize and improve bone health. Since palak or spinach is also a rich source of iron, fiber, and other vitamins, while being low in calories, it is always a good idea to utilize the magical green with a worthy protein partner. Make palak paneer to bring out the best of both food groups. Not only is there vitamin D and calcium in the paneer, with some healthy fat, but there is also the metabolism-boosting and immunity-improving spinach to the aid. And thanks to the inherent delicious taste of the classic Indian dish, few kids make a stink about the leafy veggies in the dish.

3. Kashmiri Collard Greens

Vitamin D is difficult to find in vegetables separately, but not impossible when paired with veggies rich in calcium and vitamin K. Vitamin K is an essential vitamin that works in coalition with vitamin D in our body to make our bones healthy. Since both are fat-soluble vitamins, they promote one another’s function and reduce the risk of osteoporosis in children. Collard Greens, known as Haak Saag is a rich source of calcium and vitamin K, and when prepared with ginger, garlic, tomatoes, and nutritious Indian spices, becomes a tasty Indian dish that goes well with rotis and promotes vitamin D function in kids.

4. Mushroom And Veggies Tawa Fry

Mushrooms make another appearance on the list due to their superhero-like properties when it comes to supplying children with vitamin D. Since mushrooms have a unique texture of their own, if your kids are fussy about it, this Indian dish is the jackpot. Tawa fry leaves parents with the choice to make their dish gravy or semi-dry, making it the perfect accompaniment with rice or chapatis during mealtime. Also, this meal allows many vegetables to be sneaked in, without the kids realizing. Add calcium-rich veggies to the meal with plenty of greens to make a nourishing Indian dish replete with vitamin D for kids.

One-Pot Edamame curry

Edamame are young soybeans still in their pod, which are a popular steamed or boiled Japanese preparation. They are rich in vitamin K, which works well and improves vitamin D levels in our body. But as Indians are great at diversifying cultures by incorporating and exchanging flavors, ideas, and recipes, there is a simple one pot Edamame Indian curry solution for parents whose kids constantly clamor for sushi and tanghulu at malls. Pour mustard seeds, onions and curry leaves into sputtering oil and saute, before adding ginger-garlic paste and continuing to saute. Add Indian spices of choice and stir well before pouring the edamame and vegetables of choice in. Add some vegetable stock and cover and cook till veggies are tender and edamame still has a nice bite. Finally add coconut milk, garam masala, and salt to taste, stir well but do not boil. Garnish and serve hot.

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