Top Parenting Tips to Raise A Healthy Kid

Written by Kaushiki Gangully
Published: May 24, 2024

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Every parent dreams of cracking the parenting code by doing everything right. But that is impossible to achieve, as there is no one sure-shot way of parenting that will raise perfect kids. Therefore, it is important to figure out your child’s emotional and mental needs and fulfill them well.

Parents often try to mold their kids according to their expectations, which ends in conflict and tension. Instead of trying to enforce your parenting style, it is equally important to pay attention to your kids' parenting requirements. These top parenting tips to raise a healthy kid will help you figure them out.

Tips to Parent Right and Raise a Good Kid
1. Listen to them with an open mind

Parents are often strict figures in the lives of their kids, and the latter feel scared to approach them for help or advice. As a result, children often feel shut down and have pent-up resentment. To avoid these circumstances, establish open communication with your children. They should have enough trust to come to you regarding any problem, be it a fight with their bestie or boy trouble. Try to keep a patient and open mind while listening to their proposals and problems; this will establish a safe zone for them.

2. Spend time together

No matter how busy you are, try to keep a part of the day for an activity with your kid. It can be something as small as watching a show together daily or playing a game together. However, bonding is required between kids and parents, with minimal unresolved conflicts in the long run, to ensure a healthy kid. Just like scoldings and chastisement, fun moments and activities should also pepper your relationship.

3. Maintain boundaries and discipline

Growing up, your kid should know their boundaries and maintain household discipline. Be they six or sixteen, they should not slam doors or barge into a room without knocking. Manners are developed when limits are established clearly. You do not need to intimidate your children to discipline them physically. Their respect for you should command it, as much as their fear of being punished. But ensure you keep your calm while disciplining, as losing your temper ruins all positive effects.

4. Involve them in meal-making with you

Your children will develop a better bond with food if they are involved in making it. Let them touch, smell, feel, and recognize vegetables, fruits, spices, and grains. Once they understand and identify them, they will automatically be intrigued to give it a try. As for the taste and plating, that depends on your culinary expertise and love. This will help prevent eating disorders, food allergies, and intolerances and improve their self-esteem and confidence.

5. Family digital detox time

Set time aside every day for family detox time. Begin with 30 minutes before extending for longer periods according to convenience but maintain consistency. There are no different rules for parents or children. This will make your kids respect your diligence and honesty while also helping them detach from the virtual world. Use this time to play family board games, have movie nights, or go on an outing. But make sure your kids have a few emergency numbers memorized, just in case.

6. Honesty goes both ways

Honesty must go both ways. If you have an open and honest relationship with your child, only then will they learn to trust you back with their privacy. But remember, you cannot employ their privacy by any means, whether to teach them a lesson later or punish them. When trust is being established, other lessons must wait. And this also helps raise healthy kids with zero trust issues.

7. Appreciation and validation are important at all ages

Appreciation and validation are truly crucial for all ages. Most adults spend all their lives seeking it elsewhere due to a lack of it in childhood. You need not celebrate every participation certificate, but you might appreciate their effort with a special homemade barfi for dessert. This does not make them weak but teaches them they have someone to rely on in times of despair and failure. And this belief is important in the 21st century. Validate small milestones of achievement, like cleaning their room, making their dinner, or just doing homework with positive words. This will make them feel seen and valued and inspire them to do better.

As a parent, you can only try your best. But often, that’s good enough to raise a kind and responsible child. If you try to emulate the qualities you want them to imbibe and spend time together, be they four or fourteen, you will raise a good kid. Plus, you, too, have these top 7 parenting tips to raise a healthy child to fall back on as a safety net for parents.

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