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Education|10 March 2022

How to ensure your child’s safety in the outside environment

Tips to prevent illnesses and keep your children healthy and safe outside the walls of your home.

Proper hand washing

Introduce a routine that includes washing between the fingers and nails. Use hand sanitisers in the absence of water.

Mask up

Explain the importance and encourage them to mask up in public. Children can wear coloured or printed masks to
make it fun.

Healthy routine

Children should have a healthy diet, sufficient water intake and essential rest for their growing bodies. Consult a paediatrician regularly for health tips.

Stay cautious
around sick people

Encourage children to avoid visibly
sick people and to isolate at home when feeling unwell.

Social distance

Avoid crowded places and social gatherings. Social distance reduces the scope of infection spread.

Health Care
Best Practices

Children should have annual physicals and be updated on all vaccinations. Consult a medical doctor in case of any issues.

Prevent infection spread

Cover the mouth and nose when
coughing or sneezing. Dispose off used tissues and soap wash or sanitise hands immediately after.

Regularly clean

Children shouldn’t touch public surfaces as they may carry germs and bacteria. They shouldn’t touchtheir faces with
unwashed hands.

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